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Come to your meeting with either a budget and/ or  a list of your priorities, we will need a starting point. We can help you figure out ways to save if we know what's important to you. 

 We have catered in many different locations, The Fryeburg Fairgrounds, Backyards, Camps, Cranmore Mountain Resort, Merrill Farm, The Green Granite, Acres of Wildlife, the list goes on...

We can coordinate rentals and offer suggestions for any questions you may have
The following is a list of some of the many choices involved: 

-If you are planning an outdoor event you will need to plan on a tent.

  (Wally will be able to help figure out what size is needed)

-Round or banquet tables, metal or padded wooden chairs

-Casual or Formal atmosphere

 Paper or Linen Tablecloths, (white or colored)

 Napkins (paper or linen)

 Silverware or plastic ware, Plates (paper, plastic or glass)

-Flowers/ Centerpieces

-Music,( Band or DJ), Dancing?

-Food: Appetizers, Salad, Entree, Vegetable, Pasta, Potato, Rice, Dessert

  the type of  food arrangement (Buffet or Stations)


-Time of Day, is there a "schedule"

-How many people? (we will give you a food price based on a minimum # of people)

  Please keep in mind there is a food tax and a 17% service charge added to the base food pricing.

  Payment is due no later than 24 hours before the event.


We look forward to meeting with you.....